Eat & Enjoy

Purchase tickets to our Third Annual Chupacabra Cookoff, supporting Veteran Outdoors!

Compete in the Cook Off

Become a competitor!  Hunt, kill, field-dress, and cook your own chupacabra and prove your dish is the best!  Win great prizes and bragging rights!

Sponsor Us!

Learn more about our cause, the sponsors, and the charity that we support! This year, we are supporting Veteran Outdoors, a non-profit who takes veterans on their dream hunting trips!

Join us for our Third Annual Chupacabra Cookoff at Bentwood Texas Event Center on Saturday, September 12, 2020!  Competitors will do their best to find their own Chupacabra (their protein of choice) and cook it in their best way possible to be tasted and judged by event sponsors.  Attendees will enjoy live music, drinks, and great times! All proceeds go to Veteran Outdoors, a local charity that sends retired veterans on their dream hunting trips!  Tickets and competition slots are limited, so sign up today!